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    Disinfection Services

    Striving to Keep you Safe and Healthy

    COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. People have become isolated due to the dangers of this growing pandemic and the once crowded places, buzzing with noise, have become silent. Amidst this pandemic, all we can do to make sure it does not reach the vicinity of our homes is to stay clean and sanitized. It has become more necessary to engage in disinfection services and sanitization today. That is something we realize at Care n Clean. We believe we must do our part in ensuring that we take all the precautions from the virus and provide world-class disinfection services in Dubai.

    But let’s first run through three different terms that confuse a lot of people. Here, we are talking about sanitization and disinfection services which are different from cleaning. Cleaning is merely wiping the surface. Sanitization helps in removing surface bacteria such that it is safe to engage. Disinfection is killing the germs completely. This is the reason that people should opt for disinfecting and sanitizing services, especially amidst the global pandemic. Luckily, at Care n Clean, we have just what you are looking for.

    Benefits of Disinfection and Sanitization

    Prevents virus transmission

    Viruses tend to transfer from surfaces to the body if any of the surfaces in the environment are contaminated. With the disinfection services of Care n Clean, the surfaces are eradicated from any germs. Research shows that it prevents the transfer of viruses from the surface to the hands or mouth.

    Preventing health deterioration

    Many pathogens surround our homes like mold, mildews, and other bacteria. They can cause allergies and even fatal respiratory diseases in humans. With Care n Clean disinfection, such dangerous medical conditions can be avoided.

    Effective cleaning

    When cleaning, it is common to use detergents as a base. However, some studies show detergents tend to become more contaminated with viruses than disinfectants. Even the water for mops that you use can become contaminated with harmful bacteria. Hence, we at Care n Clean, use disinfection for our cleaning services.

    Decreased stress

    Encountering a medical condition does not go well on a budget. Moreover, the stress of being a victim of such diseases and germs as the coronavirus, which is a major threat today, is tiresome. With the right sanitization services, this can be prevented and that is where Care n Clean comes. A little bonus for our services it that that they give off a beautiful, fresh odor that keeps your stress levels down and controlled.

    In such a time when harmful bacteria and contagious viruses such as Coronavirus are at loose, we strive to keep you safe from any harm

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    Specialized Disinfection Services

    Immaculate Disinfection Process

    Our professional cleaners are equipped with the best of materials to do complete home disinfection service in Dubai. Not only this, but they also follow a strict procedure for the process. First surface cleaning is done to remove dust and other particles. This is followed by deep cleaning using proper disinfectants. They can remove all the germs residing over the said surface. After this, the surface is left for a few days without sprinkling water to give off an immaculate effect.

    We are certified

    We are your reliable source for providing the best sanitization and disinfection services. Many places that offer affordable services are not certified. However, we are UAE’s trusted company in providing cleaning services for your homes and offices.

    Live support and safety measures

    At Care n Clean, you will find us at your support live. If you have any queries or complaints, we can get back to you at any time of the day. You do not need to worry about any safety measures either. We take full precautions while entering any area for disinfection services. We also ensure that we leave you with the best care, so you feel satisfied and relaxed after having booked us.

    Why Use Our Home Disinfection Service Dubai?

    • Professional experts

      We have a trained staff of individuals who are experts in their game. They do not take any task lightly. They are the best because we make sure that they keep their best foot forward. We regularly keep checking on our staff to ensure that you get the best quality out of them. They have years of knowledge and your disinfection process will be one of the hundreds that they will have covered.

    • Affordable services

      We are not just a company that is offering cleaning services. We are offering home disinfection service Dubai at an affordable price. In this pandemic, many companies have taken advantage of the fact that there is a growing demand for such services. But we are here to give you the best at a rate that you can afford. You can get your quote at our website or even multiple quotes if that is what you desire.

    • Spontaneous availability

      We do not need a day’s notice to help you with the disinfection process. We know how hectic it can be to move all the things around in the house. We will be available on the same day that you will call us. we are online 24 hours and seven days a week. It is a time of need and we are here to embrace your urgent wishes by providing the best disinfection services in Dubai.

    Our Disinfection Services Dubai

    Residential sanitization services

    Are you think about sanitizing your homes? Don’t you worry? At Care n Clean, it is our prime focus to help in disinfecting the residential areas in the pandemic. Your homes will not be carrying any allergens or harmful germs after we have had our jobs done. Book our service now and leave completely satisfied with our guaranteed care.

    Corporate sanitization services

    Even if you are thinking about sanitizing your office, we are at your service. you can call any time and we will be there to remove all those germs that have been making you conscious of your environment. We want you to feel relaxed while you work too, so book our service now.

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